World Environment Day

World Environment Day

5th June 2019

It’s world environment day today which is being hosted by China this year and the theme for 2019 is ‘air pollution’. Premier Medical will be joining forces with people across the globe to make a positive impact by pledging to make one small change each, either by reducing waste or our carbon footprint.

In all of our offices, we have removed single-use plastic cups from the drinking machines and issued all of our staff with a reusable water bottle, but we know there’s a lot more we can do.

Here are just some of the examples of our pledges:

  • Bring lunch to work in a reusable container.
  • Reduce our consumption of meat and dairy products to help cut methane emissions.
  • Compost organic food items and recycle non-organic waste.
  • Use our reusable water bottles at every opportunity.
  • Aim to use a reusable coffee cup instead of accepting a single-use one, or similarly, use our own ceramic mug.
  • Refuse plastic straws and drink mixers.
  • ‘Think before we print’ to avoid wasting paper.
  • Shut down our PC’s at the end of the day and don’t leave anything on standby.
  • Walk or cycle to work (where possible) instead of using a car.

Approximately 7 million people worldwide die prematurely each year from air pollution, with about 4 million of these deaths occurring in the Asia-Pacific.  World Environment day 2019 will urge governments, industry, communities, and individuals to come together to explore renewable energy and green technologies, and improve air quality in cities and regions across the world.

Air pollution facts:

·        92% of people worldwide do not breathe clean air

·        Air pollution costs the global economy $5 trillion every year in welfare costs

·        Ground-level ozone pollution is expected to reduce staple crop yields by 26 per cent by 2030

For more information please visit the world environment day website.