Welcome to Premier DigiPortal

Welcome to Premier DigiPortal

14th November 2019

As part of our investment into upgrading our service offerings, we are thrilled to introduce you to Premier DigiPortal, our market leading portal that has been created to give you quick and easy access to submitting instructions for scarring/injury photography and other Premier Specialist services.

With the intention of allowing you to instruct our services with just a few simple clicks, Premier DigiPortal has been designed purely with the instructing party in mind so you can access client details and other information relevant to your case anywhere and at any time.

Through an electronic dossier, you can view:

  • Full client details, including date of birth, date of accident and the areas of scarring that have been photographed
  • Full details of the instructing party
  • A numbered body index to assist with pinpointing the areas of scarring photographed
  • An identification image
  • A conversation distance image showing areas of orientation of the scarred area(s)
  • Multiple images showing the scarred area(s) from various distance and angles
  • Comparative images if appropriate
  • Close up images both with and without measurement
  • A Civil Procedures compliant Statement of Authority signed and dated by the commissioned photographer.

Find out more online at Premier Specialist and view our Sample Dossier.