Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website!

17th January 2019

Premier Medical is delighted to unveil its new website, which is now live and fully operational!

It’s been re-built from scratch to be more informative, more easily navigable, and more user-friendly.

We hope you’ll agree, it looks much better, too – with rolling behind-the-scenes videos and an overall appearance that is in keeping with our brand and reputation in the medico-legal reports market.

We have clearly-marked paths to provide more information for all of our users, whether you are a solicitor, insurer or patient.

Meanwhile the menu across the top of the page makes it easier than ever to find your way around the site.

Premier Medical provides medical reporting, screening, rehabilitation and diagnostic services to the personal injury claims market.

The company, which employs 230 people in four offices across the UK, was acquired by Capita in 2010. Following the acquisition of Insurance Medical Group in 2011, the combined businesses became Capita Medical Reporting, which was bought back from Capita plc by original founder Dr Harry Brünjes in 2016. Capita retains a minority interest in the business but no longer has any operational involvement.

We are an organisation founded upon independent medical opinion and a flexible service ethos, a business with the strategic vision of being the provider of the highest-quality medical reporting and screening services in the UK.