MIB reports rise in number of victims of uninsured drivers

MIB reports rise in number of victims of uninsured drivers

4th September 2017

The Motor Insurance Bureau has reported a rise in the number of victims making claims against uninsured drivers – the first annual increase for over a decade.

The MIB – acting on behalf of, and funded by, the insurance industry – offers a fund for compensation for victims of uninsured drivers, or in cases where no insurer can be found such as hit-and-run

It paid out 10 per cent more in the year to July 2017 than the previous 12 months.

The increase in claims is mirrored by the increase in the number of uninsured vehicles that were seized and crushed, with 145,000 vehicles seized in 2016/7, and 58,000 of those crushed – more than 1,000 a week.

The increase in seized vehicles has been attributed to improved detection technology, such as automatic numberplate recognition, which automatically checks against the vehicle tax, MOT and insurance databases.

Uninsured drivers represent not just a risk to safety, but also increase the cost of motoring for honest drivers. It is estimated they add at least £15 to each driver’s insurance premium.