The importance of rehabilitation as part of a personal injury claim

The importance of rehabilitation as part of a personal injury claim

15th March 2018

A critical part of any personal injury claim is the rehabilitation phase – helping the injured party to recover from their illness or injury.

The principle of personal injury law, which has stood for centuries, is the right of any injured party to be restored to the state they were in before the injury occurred.

In some cases that can mean recovering financial loss such as lost earnings or costs incurred as a result of the injury – repairs to vehicles, property, etc, but in virtually every case it will involve physiotherapy, or similar, to help the patient get back on their feet.

The recovery period will naturally depend on the severity of the injury, but it is important to use a trusted physiotherapist who can give the correct advice.

It’s also important to listen to that advice: a large part of physiotherapy often involves working in your own time to complete exercises. Following the advice that you’re given will deliver faster results and restore quality of life as quickly as possible.

Referrals from Premier Medical

In conjunction with our sister company Physio-Link Services, we have a nationwide network of treatment providers who offer targeted treatment, subject to an initial independent assessment of the claimant’s injuries. This ensures that the claimant receives the maximum level of support in as short a period as possible.

We consider diagnostics and treatments to be a specialised area and have appointed a Treatment Specialist Team to deal with this aspect of the claim in order to ensure a high quality of service and achieve a maximisation of opportunity.

The Treatment Specialist is responsible for handling treatment cases across all solicitors, obtaining quotes, arranging CBT, X-ray and MRI appointments and checking results before they are sent on to the solicitors.


We are a proactive rehabilitation company offering the complete spectrum of rehabilitation and treatment services necessary to return a claimant to their pre-accident physical and psychological condition as soon as possible. Early rehabilitation is widely recognised as playing an essential part in returning an injured person to their pre-accident condition.

Approximately 88,000 physiotherapy appointments are managed each year through our network, which offers the claimant the opportunity to access the appropriate treatment at a location convenient to them and to bypass NHS waiting lists.