Renewed pressure for Civil Liability Bill ‘rethink’

Renewed pressure for Civil Liability Bill ‘rethink’

25th October 2018

A strong critic of the Civil Liability Bill has delivered a fresh warning about the impact it could have. Ellie Reeves MP (Lab) for Lewisham West and Penge said fraudulent whiplash and other personal injury claims claims were nowhere near as prevalent as suggested, and said the benefits of the Civil Liability Bill would therefore be limited.

Reeves, who has been a vocal critic of the bill, previously called it “an assault on our access to justice” and warned against “deep and long-lasting” damage.

“The [government’s] narrative of wanting to clamp down on fraudulent claims has long worn thin… in 2017, only 0.22% of all motor claims were proven to be fraudulent,” she said in the House of Commons. “The impact on access to justice that this bill will have will be substantial – 350,000 injured people without the free legal cover they currently are able to access,” she said.

“That is what will be the true cost of implementing the government’s package of measures.”

The proposed reforms include raising the small claims limit for road accident personal injury claims from the current £1,000 to £5,000, and to £2,000 for all other personal injury claims.

Reeves’ claims back up industry information that we have previously reported on: whether or not fraudulent claims are reported accurately is one such issue that has underpinned much of the debate.