Reasons to use Premier Medical – social media campaign

Reasons to use Premier Medical – social media campaign

25th February 2019

You may have seen our latest campaign on social media, which we launched in January. The campaign uses eye-catching graphics, designed in line with our new website, and focuses on just a few of our favourite reasons to use Premier Medical for medical-legal reporting – ranging from our medical background and flexible service, to the scale of our operation, to the speed and accuracy of our operation.

Just in case you missed it, however, here’s a reminder. And if you aren’t already, you can follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter via these links.

Medical background and flexible service

Our clinical excellence

Our clinical capabilities and governance are second-to-none.

Scale of the operation

Our reach across the UK – with over 4,000 medical experts on hand to carry out examinations – means it is as easy as possible for your clients to make and attend an appointment.

We invest in technology

At Premier Medical, we take our technology seriously. We have invested heavily in making sure our systems are at the cutting edge.

Market-leading turnaround

Want a medical report quickly and accurately? Premier Medical can help.

Speed and accuracy

Speed. Accuracy. They matter to you, so they matter to us.

Customer focus

Complex injury reports

Our extensive panel of experts covers all areas of medicine and is able to provide medico-legal reports for injuries of a more complex or specialist nature.

Diagnostic appointments

Premier Medical carried out 3,005 medical diagnostics in 2017, including: X-ray, MRI, Ultrasound, MR Arthrogram, Nerve Conduction Studies, SPECT scan, Duplex Scan, ECG, Audiogram, EEG Brain Scan, Urine Test and Scar Photography.

Look out for more reasons to use Premier Medical for your medico-legal reporting on our social media channels in the coming weeks!

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