Premier Specialist Launches New Scarring Photography Service

Premier Specialist Launches New Scarring Photography Service

30th October 2019

‘A picture paints a thousand words’, therefore photographs can add a significant value when looking at your clients’ claim, especially if claims are being disputed.

Our Premier Specialist bespoke services business is thrilled to launch scarring/injury photography services to its clients dealing with catastrophic injury, multi-track and clinical negligence cases.

At Premier Specialist, we have a nationwide panel of DBS checked professional photographers, who are skilled in ensuring the correct lighting and backdrops are used, taking into account skin tone and scarring colour. Our team will produce the highest quality images, which are then arranged in to an electronic dossier for you to distribute as necessary.

We fully appreciate that as part of your clients’ claims process this may be an unnerving experience. To ensure that the process is as simple as possible, we can provide:

  • Studio, hospital and home visits (subject to locality).
  • Choice of both male and female photographers.

To speak to our Premier Specialist team in more detail about this service and more, please call 0345 130 1348, or view our sample dossier below, to see exactly what we would provide for you.

Electronic Scarring Dossier Report