Premier Medical: the difference between real service and lip service

Premier Medical: the difference between real service and lip service

16th June 2017

In an age where every company claims to value customer service, how do you distinguish those who actually mean it, and put service at the heart of everything they do, from those who just pay it lip service?

Since Premier Medical’s change of ownership last year, we have sought to ensure customer service is the most important priority in terms of the way we run our business.

We looked at the way we operated, we drew on the decades of medico-legal reporting expertise we have at our disposal, and we overhauled our procedures.

  • The result is a company with a sector-leading reputation for putting our clients first, which we do in a number of ways.
  • Owned and lead by medical professionals who have instilled a culture of providing a quality service to our customers and their clients.
  • Our Expert Governance Team robustly manages our panel of experts to ensure they too provide excellent customer service. This includes recruitment, performance management and conducting daily GMC checks.
  • Our in-house Doctors support with staff training, quality control and act as referral points for any complex matters.
  • Highly trained and experienced advisors who can give you live, accurate case updates at any point, if you wish. We give customers a single point of contact from start to finish, to ensure consistency.
  • Proactive case management to deliver continuously excellent cycle times. Premier Medical’s exceptional reporting enables problems to be the identification of problem cases early, allowing issues to be dealt with quickly, before there are breaches of service level agreements. Our case management system maintained and supported by our sister company WARP. This allows us to make quick and tailor-made adjustments to deliver against our customer’s needs.
  • An intelligent SLA predictor that helps support our teams in delivering reports on time. This system monitors, in real time, every case in our care to ensure that we hit the agreed service levels.
  • Tailored SLAs, because we recognise that every one of our customers is individual and has different expectations and needs. We adjust our systems so that we work to your needs and not to ours. We provide bespoke management information that can be sent weekly or monthly to allow our customers to have close visibility of their instructions and our performance.

Whether you are a solicitor, insurer or an injured person waiting for a medical report, you will receive the same level of care and attention. Whether you are a long-standing customer, or totally new to us – perhaps you’ve found Premier Medical via the MedCo portal, on which we are a Tier One supplier – you will be treated the same.

Some of the benefits of working with Premier Medical include:

  • Reduction of unnecessary and costly administration
  • Unrivalled levels of integration with our customers’ and clinicians’ systems
  • Market-leading turnarounds of medical reports.
  • Excellent case cycle times
  • Diagnostic and rehabilitation management – we manage 88,000 physiotherapy appointments per year
  • Intelligent CRM software at the heart of our business to ensure we hit service levels

That’s why Premier Medical has sought to stand out from the crowd by prioritising our customers’ experience at every stage of the process.