Premier Medical: patient survey and constant improvement

Premier Medical: patient survey and constant improvement

22nd September 2017

At Premier Medical, we pride ourselves on our customer service: not just the way we treat our clients, but the way our network of 4,000 medical experts in assessment centres across the UK look after our patients.

We survey our patients constantly to ensure their experiences meet our high standards. We work on a cycle of constant improvement, when improvements can be made, to ensure we never stand still and continue to lead the market for service quality.

We also carry out daily checks of our registered GPs with the General Medical Council.

In a recent customer survey, of almost 2,500 people, we were delighted with our scores. 82 per cent of patients gave us an 8 or higher out of 10 for service. Our venues averaged a 9/10 score. This is why we are taking to social media with the below graphics to spread the word.

Of course, we take every single piece of constructive feedback incredibly seriously, and in the rare event that a patient has not had a wholly positive experience, we investigate the circumstances thoroughly, putting action plans into place to ensure improvements are made.