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Whiplash Reform news: Civil Liability Bill delayed

The controversial planned reforms to the personal injury sector covered by the Civil Liability Bill have been delayed by a year, from April 2019 to April 2020. The plans involve raising the small claims limit for personal injury claims to £5,000, meaning, effectively, nobody would be reclaim legal fees for any claim under that value, such as whiplash. It would means […]... Read more

Counting the cost of workplace injuries and illnesses

Despite considerable improvements in workplace health and safety over the past three decades, there are still huge numbers of people being killed or left injured as a result of accidents at work. In 2015/6, there were 72,702 reported non-fatal injuries to employees (so there will have been more that were unreported) There are also a lot of injuries or illnesses […]... Read more

Very few car insurance fraud cases are being reported to police

Despite claims that insurance fraud is on the increase, very few cases are actually reported to the police, according to new research from comparison site MoneySuperMarket. Data obtained through a Freedom of Information request by MoneySuperMarket shows that only a small number of fraud cases, including crash-for-cash incidents, phantom passenger scams, fabricated or exaggerated claims, ‘ghost braking’ […]... Read more

Date confirmed for whiplash reform bill

The Civil Liability Bill – aka the Whiplash Reforms – have finally been introduced to Parliament, and are expected to be passed into UK law by April 2020. The controversial bill, it is claimed, will reduce the cost of insurance premiums by an average of £35 by supposedly eradicating fraudulent whiplash claims. It aims to do […]... Read more