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Average car insurance premiums increase

Reports suggest that car insurance premiums are now an average of £200 more expensive than they were five years ago. A survey by price comparison site Compare the Market said average insurance premiums had shot up from £559 in 2012 to £758 in 2017. It said increased Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) was one of the […]... Read more

Child car seats: a winter warning

With winter comes a variety of road safety hazards that drivers must be cautious of: icy conditions, frosted windshields and tyre pressure issues, to name a few. However, it’s also important to think about what’s going on inside your car and how the drop in temperature could be impacting your family. During the winter months, […]... Read more

What is the personal injury discount rate?

Earlier in 2017, the Personal Injury Discount Rate (Ogden) attracted headlines and controversy when the Government revised it from 2.5 per cent to -0.75 per cent (that’s minus 0.75). So what is the personal injury discount rate, and how does it affect claimants in personal injury cases? First, it’s important to understand how personal injury […]... Read more

Could NHS operating theatres be more efficient?

NHS operating theatres waste two hours per day – and 280,000 more routine operations could be done per year across the country – according to a new report. The study, by industry watchdog NHS Improvement, claims that the administration and procedures around routine (ie non-serious) operations could be made more efficient. It analysed 1.64m routine […]... Read more

Fatal workplace injuries continue to decrease

Good news from the Health and Safety Executive as the latest workplace injury statistics demonstrate a reduction in the number of deaths at work. In the year 2016-7, there were 137 deaths at work, along with a further 92 members of the public killed by work-related activities. The death rate per 100,000 workers has decreased steadily […]... Read more

Premier Medical secures ISO 27001 certification

Premier Medical has confirmed its commitment to industry-leading data security by securing ISO 27001 certification. ISO 27001 is the industry standard that demonstrates to existing and potential customers that Premier Medical has defined and put in place best-practice information security processes. Every provider in our sector is governed by the Data Protection Act, but this […]... Read more