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Date confirmed for whiplash reform bill

The Civil Liability Bill – aka the Whiplash Reforms – have finally been introduced to Parliament, and are expected to be passed into UK law by April 2019. The controversial bill, it is claimed, will reduce the cost of insurance premiums by an average of £35 by supposedly eradicating fraudulent whiplash claims. It aims to do […]... Read more

NHS reveals latest Clinical Negligence claims stats

The latest statistics for clinical negligence claims have been published by NHS Resolution, formerly the NHS Litigation Authority, in its newest annual report. With the costs that relate to clinical negligence claims under greater scrutiny than ever before, it’s an interesting read. The headline statistic is that claims have continued to rise, and are reflective of an overstretched […]... Read more

Average car insurance premiums increase

Reports suggest that car insurance premiums are now an average of £200 more expensive than they were five years ago. A survey by price comparison site Compare the Market said average insurance premiums had shot up from £559 in 2012 to £758 in 2017. It said increased Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) was one of the […]... Read more

Child car seats: a winter warning

With winter comes a variety of road safety hazards that drivers must be cautious of: icy conditions, frosted windshields and tyre pressure issues, to name a few. However, it’s also important to think about what’s going on inside your car and how the drop in temperature could be impacting your family. During the winter months, […]... Read more

What is the personal injury discount rate?

Earlier in 2017, the Personal Injury Discount Rate (Ogden) attracted headlines and controversy when the Government revised it from 2.5 per cent to -0.75 per cent (that’s minus 0.75). So what is the personal injury discount rate, and how does it affect claimants in personal injury cases? First, it’s important to understand how personal injury […]... Read more