Reporting & Screening

We place our clinical capabilities at the heart of our process, ensuring a focus on the core quality of consultation between the medical expert and client.

We offer an impressive panel of medico-legal experts, with over 4,000 active medical experts covering all specialisations and working right across the UK. The average travel distance for most clients is less than nine miles.

The scale of our operation and the sophistication of our service platform ensure that we can offer competitive pricing for our medico-legal reporting and screening services.

We’ve invested in technologies that:

  • Minimise unnecessary and costly administration,
  • Enable unrivalled levels of integration with our customers’ and clinicians’ systems,
  • Ensure delivery of market-leading turnarounds of medical reports.

We are signatories to the Medical Reporting Organisation Agreement (MROA) and members of the Association of Medical Reporting Organisations (AMRO).