MedCo suspends 60 organisations in rules crackdown

MedCo suspends 60 organisations in rules crackdown

20th June 2017

MedCo, the medical report generating system, has removed 60 organisations from its system as part of a clampdown on new qualifying criteria introduced in 2016.

At the start of June 2017, MedCo announced that it has removed 21 ‘shell’ companies from its system. The news comes after 23 medical reporting organisations (MROs) and 14 Direct Medical Experts (DMEs) were removed at the end of May for failing to upload case data to the system.

An additional four MROs have been stripped of their Tier One status, and are now classified as Tier two MedCo suppliers.

MedCo was designed to introduce a ‘random’ element to the way MROs are selected by users.

However, MedCo says it had issued 337 warning letters to companies in the past year alone, either for attempting to bypass the random selection model, or for attempting to influence the opinion of medical experts.

Setting up a ‘shell’ company is seen as an attempt to do this, because it allows MROs to be represented more than once on the portal. Shell companies are not allowed on MedCo, according to section 1.1 of the qualifying criteria.

It’s a move that Premier Medical welcomes: we have been a Tier One supplier on MedCo since March 2015 and are proud of our reputation for customer service and ethics of the highest possible standard.

It is right that companies that offer their services via MedCo play by the rules, and that they are required to adhere to the highest possible standards of service.

MedCo has previously terminated 134 user agreements since October 2016, although 84 of those were allowed back after making improvements to their operations.