We provide insurers with more convenient and efficient ways of managing and delivering medico-legal reports, diagnostics and rehabilitation services.

We are passionate about delivering excellent service and will offer you the highest levels of reporting, customer care and experienced advisors.

Highly Trained and Experienced Advisors:

We provide a single, trained point of contact to manage your cases from instruction to the delivery of medical reports.

Proactive Case Management:

We use reporting tools that enable us to identify and deal with any case issues promptly and to deliver continuously excellent cycle times.

SLA Predictor:

We have developed intelligent CRM software (SLA Case Predictor) to monitor every case in our care in real time, ensuring that we hit the agreed service levels and deliver reports on time.

Defendant Medico-Legal Work:

We can provide medico-legal reports to be used as independent medical evidence.

Self-Insured Companies:

We work with several large self-insurerd companies, providing a medico-legal reporting service for their in-house employer and for public liability cases.

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