Further Civil Liability Bill amendments rejected

Further Civil Liability Bill amendments rejected

19th September 2018

The Government has resisted pressure from the Labour party to soften further elements of the Civil Liability Bill, which is now due to come into effect in 2020.

There had been encouraging signs when it was confirmed that the reforms would not apply to vulnerable road users – pedestrians, cyclists, etc – but the Government has held off a bid by Labour to soften other aspects of the bill.

Labour had proposed 23 amendments to the bill, including the discount rate, but these amendments were voted down on the first day of the bill’s committee stage, on 11th September.

Those in favour of the reforms believe that there has been a disproportionate rise in whiplash claims, when compared to improved vehicle safety and reduction on the number of accidents. Those against the reforms, such as the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), point out that there is a host of reasons why insurance premiums have rocketed.