Fatal workplace injuries continue to decrease

Fatal workplace injuries continue to decrease

31st October 2017

Good news from the Health and Safety Executive as the latest workplace injury statistics demonstrate a reduction in the number of deaths at work.

In the year 2016-7, there were 137 deaths at work, along with a further 92 members of the public killed by work-related activities.

The death rate per 100,000 workers has decreased steadily since the 1980s – at almost 2.5 deaths per 100k people in 1988 down to 0.4 deaths per 100k people in 2016/17.

Health and safety is frequently ridiculed as being excessive and a sign of endless bureaucracy that businesses have to deal with, but it’s hard to deny the facts: huge improvements have been made in at-work safety and lives are being saved as a result.

On the flip side, 229 deaths is still 229 too many. That’s 229 families who have lost a loved one in avoidable circumstances.

As expected, construction, agriculture and manufacturing are the worst-hit professions, with 30, 27 and 19 deaths respectively. Transport and storage (ie logistics) and waste are the next highest, with 14 deaths each.

Also unsurprisingly, vehicles are most frequently involved with deaths at work, with 31 at-work deaths in the UK caused by moving vehicles.

The figures for fatalities are only the tip of the iceberg, of course, and do not reflect the many more that are left seriously injured by accidents at work.

People frequently escape death but are left carrying injuries that prevent them from working. In these cases, when a legal claim is started, it is critical to move quickly in order to give people the funds they rely on – perhaps for mortgage payments or to put food on the table.

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