Face-to-Face Appointments: Consultant, GP & Orthopaedic

Face-to-Face Appointments: Consultant, GP & Orthopaedic

29th July 2020

Premier Medical communicated a 5-step plan to return to face-to-face medial appointment in June. We have successfully completed step 1 (gaining information from our expert panel) and step 2 (matching experts ready to start face-to-face appointment with claimant geographically).

Due to the relaxation of Covid-19 government guidelines, we are now in a position to instruct experts and make appointments on a face-to-face basis.

Our updated Face-to-Face Appointments July 20 guide, gives details regarding Consultant, GP and Orthopaedic appointments and also our guidance to Experts.

The health and safety of our staff is paramount and we will ensure that all government guidelines surrounding social distancing and appropriate hygiene measures are in place and will be reviewing these on a daily/weekly basis, all under the oversight of our in-house Chief Medical Officer, Dr Bob Goodall.