Face-to-Face Appointments

Face-to-Face Appointments

11th June 2020

Over the past few weeks, Premier Medical has successfully delivered 1000s of video appointments through our bespoke Virtual Clinics, however we are conscious that many claimants would prefer and need face-to-face appointments.

We recognise the challenges that face-to-face appointments will bring, therefore, we have outlined in detail, the steps we are taking to make this possible as soon as government and regulatory body’s (e.g. MedCo) guidelines permit us to do so.

Face-to-Face Appointments in Steps guide, gives an overview of what claimants can expect if they chose to attend an appointment of this style. You can also view these steps in greater detail here.

Premier Medical’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Bob Goodall said, “It is increasingly apparent that Covid-19 is a relatively mild to moderate condition in younger people who have no co-existing cardiorespiratory or immunosuppressed morbidity. A risk-managed approach to re-starting face-to-face consultations, which recognises the importance of identifying clients who may be susceptible to complications of the disease, and meets government guidelines on mitigation of cross infection therefore seems reasonable .”

Most of our staff have been working from home throughout this time and now as lockdown begins to ease, we are putting strict measures in place to scale up our on-site operations. The health and safety of our staff is paramount and we will ensure that all government guidelines surrounding social distancing and appropriate hygiene measures are in place and will be reviewing these on a daily/weekly basis, all under the oversight of our in-house Chief Medical Officer, Dr Bob Goodall.