Covid-19 Update January 2021

Covid-19 Update January 2021

5th January 2021

Dear Customers,

Following the announcement from Boris Johnson on 4th January 2021 regarding a further national lockdown, please see below details of our process changes (where applicable) and details of instructions to our expert panel.

GP Medico Legal Appointments:

Any booked face-to-face appointments will continue unless the Expert is unable to attend, the venue is not accessible or the claimant declines to attend. We anticipated an update from MedCo, informing us to cancel any GP face-to-face appointments, however, as this has not occurred we have amended our previous statement and will continue with any face-to-face appointments that are already booked.

Where the expert or claimant wishes to cancel the appointment, wherever possible we will change to a video appointment.

Orthopaedic & Consultant Medico Legal Appointments:

Having reviewed all of the relevant guidance, Premier Medical does not see that these additional measures should prevent anyone from attending any face-to-face appointments and we do not therefore foresee any need for any mass cancellations or change to our current guidelines.

Our advice to our Orthopaedic and Consultant Panel remains that they should continue to conduct any face-to-face appointments that are booked in. The additional measures state quite clearly that medical appointments are exempt from the lockdown measures. Claimants could of course decide against attending a face-to-face appointment and inform us of this prior to the appointment. This is not substantially different to the situation we have been in since the easing of restrictions.

Our view is that the medical assessments serve to reduce pressure on the NHS by providing medical advice, specifying recommendations for further investigation and signposting treatment/rehabilitation (predominantly outside of the NHS). We continue to provide claimants with all the relevant guidance on Covid-19 and through dialogue with our experts, be assured that our venues operate in a Covid-19 safe way.

Medical Records:

Although our Medical Records Acquisition and Medical Records Chase process will remain unaltered, we do anticipate that the turnaround times may be extended due to the pressures on the NHS with regards to both coping with the high volume of Covid-19 patients and the administrative burden of the roll out of the vaccination. We will endeavour to update you on any cases which are delayed.


As with regards to physiotherapy services we continue to work very closely with our panel, who in turn take their guidance from their professional body, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP). Today the CSP have confirmed to their members that physiotherapy can continue to operate across the UK following the latest national lockdown restrictions.

We can confirm therefore that the physio services we provide will continue as a combination between virtual and face-to-face, and as you have already witnessed, was so effective in providing injured parties that much needed access to rehabilitation during the earlier lockdowns. As always the choice of the most appropriate form of treatment will be agreed upon by the treating therapist from a clinical perspective and by the client by way of consent, whilst forever mindful of an overriding objective to stay safe.

So, we start the New Year with continued challenges due to Covid-19, however, we believe that we are better equipped to deal with these challenges in 2021 and with the early positive signs of a vaccine we expect that life may return to some form of normality sooner rather than later.