Civil Liability Bill concession: vulnerable road users will still be protected

Civil Liability Bill concession: vulnerable road users will still be protected

6th September 2018

There has been some good news from the Civil Liability Bill, which we have been following closely because of our concerns about access to justice: it will not apply to vulnerable road users.

The increased small claims limit means claimants cannot recover legal costs for cases valued at less than £5,000 – effectively removing lawyers from the vast majority of claims.

But it has now been confirmed that ‘vulnerable’ road users will not be subjected to the increased small claims limit. That means that pedestrians, cyclists or horse riders will still be able to access legal representation if they are injured and claim for damages to a value of more than £1,000.

The introduction of the Bill was initially scheduled for April 2019, but has been delayed by a year to allow time for an online interface to be developed. It is claimed this interface will help people to make claims without legal advice or training, and will be ‘as simple to use as possible to ensure the claimant journey is as smooth as it can be’. The system is scheduled to be created and fully tested for use by April 2020.

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