Industry-Leading IT

Premier Medical owns WARP medico–legal reporting technology.

WARP is an electronic reporting format containing a standardised structure for GP reports that is compliant with MOJ legislation, resulting in a court-ready report.

The WARP format also guarantees industry-leading report turnaround times once your client has been examined.

Every report is quality-checked across key areas (such as the accident details, the prognosis and the client’s personal information) by our quality assurance teams prior to its being forwarded to the case handler.

Advanced Business-to-Business Integration:

With years of experience, our team of IT architects have developed and maintained B2B systems with many solicitors and insurers across the UK and have, in turn, benefited from:

  • Instant secure two-way transfer of instruction information,
  • Reduction in transaction costs with paperless instructing,
  • Information tailored to their case management systems,
  • Reduction in client attrition,
  • Fast case cycle times.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of working with Premier Medical Group and using the WARP medico-legal reporting platform.