Customer Focus

We are passionate about delivering excellent service.

Service levels are tailored to the individual solicitors and insurers to maximise the best possible service levels dependent on process. In order to achieve our high customer service levels, we provide:

Highly trained and experienced advisors:

We provide a single point of contact with a dedicated team of customer service advisors who are trained to manage your cases from instruction to the delivery of medical reports. If you have any reason to contact us, they can give you a live and accurate update.

Proactive Case Management:

To deliver continuously excellent cycle times, proactive case management is performed across cases in progress. Exceptional reporting enables the identification of problem cases early, allowing issues to be dealt with quickly.

SLA Predictor:

To support our teams in ensuring that we deliver reports on time, we have developed intelligent CRM software (SLA Case Predictor). This system monitors in real time every case in our care to ensure that we hit the agreed service levels.

This system also means that each instruction can be monitored by the case management team, enabling them to take action on any issues early on and to achieve the agreed turnaround times.

Tailored SLA’s:

We recognise that every one of our customers is individual and has different expectations and needs. We are able to adjust our systems so that we work to your needs and not to ours.

Following an initial meeting, your tailored service level agreement (SLA) will be created on our systems. You will then have a dedicated CRM service profile that is tailored to your requirements, stipulating your preferences with regard to communications between relevant parties (which can be by letter, email or data transfer), outbound notifications (which can be either by text or by email) and medical records acquisition.