Clinical Governance

Premier Medical has developed a clinical governance framework to ensure that robust and practical processes are in place for governance and risk management.

Clinical governance is central to the delivery of safe and effective clinical care. We use our clinical governance framework to support a culture which focuses on:

  • Adherence to relevant legislation, regulation and statutes,
  • Risk management, health & safety controls, and training,
  • Policies, protocols and processes which support effective ways of working,
  • High standards of care
  • A constant dynamic of improvement.

Our clinical governance team works with each of our business units to support, train on, continuously improve and promote clinical governance in practice. The team has implemented structures, systems and processes that assure the quality, accountability and delivery of healthcare services.

Whilst risk can never be totally eliminated, we have an undoubted responsibility to follow good practice and to implement processes that minimise risk and demonstrate a duty of care to customers, clients and staff.

Our clinical governance framework covers:

Safety & Governance:

The overarching objective is to deliver services which are safe and to ensure that the effectiveness of processes is measured. We adopt a ‘whole system’ approach to safety and governance, which covers prevention, safeguarding, learning and monitoring and we apply a systematic approach to risk governance, which enables us to respond to change.

Clinical Effectiveness & Client Experience:

By applying a consistent approach to our service provisions, we remain focused on measuring the performance of key contractual performance indicators, to ensure that our services support a positive client outcome and demonstrate value for money.

To achieve this, we develop our services using appropriate evidence and an ‘outcome-focused’ approach. Monitoring client experience is of particular importance: by identifying areas that will benefit from change, we can improve both our practice and our client experience.

People Management:

We provide continuous support for our employees, enabling individuals to achieve their potential through appropriate training and development and ensuring that they have the correct skills and capabilities to perform effectively in their roles.

We recognise the importance and value of relations with professional bodies and partners, so will ensure that expert knowledge and best practices are shared between all parties.